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Just had an amazing lunch there today. Having lived in this area for the past 15 years, I could just kick myself for not coming here sooner.
The spicy coconut mushroom soup was a great way to start. Have a great bread selection. The entrées were fresh with rich flavors.
I was just in India two months ago. These flavors took me back. Nice casual atmosphere.  Happy space. A good place to meet up with others.
The air-conditioning was on full blast. Plan accordingly if you going on a hot day. Enjoy. Yelp review

Delish!  I was quite pleased with the restaurant.  They always make service look effortless and crisp.  The food is solid, but honestly I think the service outweighs it slightly.  Which I think is quite rare around these parts.

Go on weeknights, when Thayer Street is less…Thayer Street. Yelp review

Excellent service, excellent quantity and very good food.
I always did the Sunday morning brunch, and then would slip into a food coma through the evening. I highly suggest coming to this place for a relaxing meal.

Try the Chicken Tikka Masala, all of their lamb dishes, and their amazing naan. Yelp review

Hands down one of the best Indian restaurants I have frequented. So far I’ve had the pleasure of trying out a dish from every category and even the Sunday Buffet, and Kabob and Curry never failed to impress. The flavors are wonderful, and the ambiance also very enjoyable. Yelp review

A Brunonian favorite, when in doubt my friends and I always eat here. The staff are incredibly friendly and remember most of our names.

The food is good, mostly curries with rice or naan. I like their dosas, which are like crispy Indian crepes filled with curried potatoes. None of the food is spicy, but it is not at all bland.

The prices are very GOOD for lunch during the week and BAD for lunch on the weekend or dinner on any day of the week. Basically the price and portion are doubled for dinner and weekends, which is not a good thing since meals go from perfect sized portions at under ten bucks to monster portions at twenty bucks.

The catering is also quite good. It is everyone’s favorite in the Brown CS department, often drawing crowds of students to tech talks and whatnot.

In short, if you are on Thayer St, Kabob is a good bet. If you are there at dinner time, bring a friend and split the meal. Yelp review